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Turn what you love into a business

Easily offer tickets to your events.

Customize your email marketing, create SMS groups, build your online library.

Make use of world-class tools for your business.

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All-in-one platform for online events

  • Zoom Integration

    Our Zoom integration automatically creates meetings with unique links and passwords for each event. 

  • One-line-of-code Plugin

    Paste one line of code onto your site to display your up-to-date schedule and let users book directly on your website. Add to cart functionality included!

  • Subscriptions and packages

    Create weekly, monthly or any type of subscription to your events. You can also create event packages that let users purchase multiple events at once.

  • Ticket price slider

    Not sure what to charge per ticket? Create a price range within which your users can pick their own ticket price.

  • Event websites

    Hosting an exclusive event? Create a beautiful website for your event in under a minute.

  • Expiring Video Links

    Set expiration dates on the videos customers purchase and prevent them from downloading your content.

The Best Customer Experience

We've built the most efficient customer checkout experience.

No need for your customers to create an account, unless they want to save their payment method.

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Elegant and Robust Dashboard

Create and manage your online events in a simple, yet powerful, dashboard.

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Our Hosts, Our Heroes

We're here to help you deliver stellar online experiences.

  • "I’ve had the honor of working with them since the beginning of June and my experience with them has been stellar. They listen carefully to individual needs and do a superb job of meeting all custom needs. Their platform is efficient and effective and ridiculously easy to use. Really - it is very user-friendly.

    I highly recommend Ribbon and I think every yoga teacher who is currently teaching online or considering teaching online should reach out to Vojta and Matteo to see if they are a match for their needs. I bet they are!"

    Rusty Wells, Yoga instructor
  • "Vojta and Matteo set up the scheduling on my site with ease and communicated everything along the way. It’s easy to get in touch with them when I have questions. My students in class have been using the platform and they said it’s easy to use so that’s all I can really ask for!"

    Rachel Mariotti, Fitness instructor
  • "Before connecting with Matteo and Vojta I had calls with every company out there. I was looking for an easy, fast, and efficient way to do zoom group workouts for my business. I encountered road blocks with everyone I spoke with. Then, Ribbon came into my life. I was impressed from the get go. Matteo and Vojta made everything happen and they did it fast. They have gone above and beyond to make sure I have everything I need to make my business run smoothly. I am completely out of my element when it comes to technology but knowing that I have the Ribbon team behind me is all the assurance I need. You guys are the best! Thank you!"

    Daniel Saltos, Fitness instructor
  • "The Ribbon platform has been an amazing experience for myself and my students. Matteo and Vojta are great! Not only are they available at all times but also efficient and graceful in addressing all of our class needs (real-time!). Ribbon has helped eliminate any clunkiness for my students as well -- the tech and payment behind my online classes has become seamless. The analytics also allows me to see attendance and revenue which is very helpful. And I'm really excited about what they are building next. Highly recommend working with Ribbon and these guys. You don’t get personalized support and partnership like this these days!"

    Francesca Bove, Yoga instructor

Constantly Improving

We're a technical team that releases new features every day. Join our growing community of talented and ambitious hosts!

We can't wait to see how your online events impact the world.

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